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What Is an Artist-in-Residence? Well the specifics vary from program to program, but basically an artist-in-residence usually means you're given somewhere to live, some to money to live on, and a studio to work in for a set period of time. This can be anywhere from a week to a year. In return you may be expected to teach, donate a painting, hold an exhibition, or simply work in an open studio so people are exposed to an artist, so they can watch you at work and talk to you. Again, it varies. But doesn’t that sound great!?!

The benefit to an artist is that it takes you out of your usual routine and away from your everyday stresses. It exposes you to a new environment and your work to new people. Sometimes there are other artists in residence at the same time, sometimes you’re the only one.

You need to weigh up whether being an artist-in-residence is something you'll find beneficial as only you can decide, based on your personal circumstances like for me having a family means it is difficult to take time out form regular life. You also need to consider if your style of working will fit into what is expected of the program you may be accepted for.

So how do you find an artist-in-residence program? There are many to choose from all over the world as well as in our own backyard. The best place to look is on the internet, try using keywords such as "artist-in-residence", plus a location if you want to be somewhere specific.

For New Zealand opportunities, check out these sites –

and some overseas opportunities can be found here

Artists I have spoken to who have been part of such programs have benefited really well from the experience. As we all know its hard work making ends meet and being productive with your work whilst trying to not compromise your art, so things like this can take away the stress of money woes while you put all your time and energy into focusing on your art.


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