Crowd Funding

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All of us at times may need to get funding for our projects and anyone who has tried, successfully or not knows how difficult it can be to achieve what with budget cuts, recessions, and of course the millions of others also applying for limited funding amounts in competition with each other.

Crowd funding is the new way to get funding for your projects. The following article on The Big Idea website explains it in more depth and has some great links to other sites that you will find most useful. In a nutshell crowd funding is about getting your fans to put in small amounts of money and help build up to the required amount needed for the project. The artist/musician/actor etc. engages the fans in the process by doing things like giving them film credits etc. or like in one situation where I helped a fellow artist to attend a residency overseas, I received a share certificate, a newsletter and a postcard from her while on her overseas trip and a small artwork created from the residency as a thank you for helping make it happen.

Well worth considering if you have a large fan base you can call on and a worthwhile project that would encourage them to assist you with.

Here is the link to the article



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