Trees at the Meteor is back!

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14 years, 8 months ago
We have a big Christmas Tree in Garden Place. But it comes from China. Santa comes from the North Pole. Aint it time we got our hands covered with PVA and glitter, and paper mache, and got some friends and whanau over to make a little Christmas tree 'whoopee'. NZ's styles. Pacific styles... Under the Southern Cross. 09!

It's a recession anyways. Time for DIY. You creatives out there. Make it. You. Yourselfs without the elfs. And for what better cause?

And honestly. In December it doesn't snow in Hamilton. Never has. Probably wont. We don't roast chestnuts, we barbecue them. We wear singlets. And we used to get sunburnt to blazes at Whangamata before we got any wiser.

Plazas and malls deck the halls but we don't want a bar of it. We don't have a bar to spend anyways. Still paying off the last bar we spent when no one knew what a recession was. Ahhhh the good old days.... never again Santa Visa!

Last year TREES AT THE METEOR celebrated Christmas different. Why? Because Kiwi-ness is in. King Charity is in. Rejoice as Pinus Radiata meets Pasifika. Create Aotearoa avant gardens. Subvert the tree, decorate a tree. Make art. Make festivity. And help make a festive forest.

We want you to give. Decorate a tree for the city. Make art from the heart. Keep it real and green.

Fab folk art for the people!

Check out the Gallery on this website for the 2008 winners and pics of contenders. You and You and Yours can keep birthing a new tradition in H town, and new destinations. Crowd mingling, pine tingling south-end Victoria. A theatre, and a cathedral on a hill.... the gathering! In December. Jandals welcome

Check out the Prizes and Joy too........
Taingakawa Thompson
14 years, 8 months ago
Wow! how things have changed over the years since I was knee high to a kutu" Lol... any way folks, I do agree the we see and practice Christmas so totally differently than the rest of the world, pending on which part of our Aotearoa your in when Chrissy hits, and yeah" heres' to HTOWN, we're not just all farm lands and milk, we are creative, inventive, and progressive.Now that I have opened my big mouth, its time to be creative. No reira tena koutou katoa

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